Four-wheel tractor, a type of agricultural implements, is commonly used in agriculture to transport with trailer and haul agricultural machinery. Our four-wheel tractor is designed for fitting big scope of agricultural land conditions. We, started making four-wheel tractors in 1952, are the biggest agricultural tractor manufacturer in China. We are a China private agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturer, and have had 12.4 % of four-wheel tractor market share in China.

There are several kinds of tillers, they can be categorized into power tiller and mini tiller. Compact, powerful and most importantly, inexpensive power tiller is a good alternative to four-wheel tractors . We are offering and manufacturing the power tillers in China, and also supplying the walking tillers.

Dongfeng, an agricultural machinery and implement manufacturer in China, has more than 57 years' experience of making agricultural power tillers. Dongfeng power tiller has powerful engine, power, cultivator is mostly used by farmers. The power tiller provided by us is easy to operate and handle, and does not need maintenance cost due to its long lasting performance. It can improve the efficiency of labors, and can make the life of farmers easier.

Agricultural implements can be towed behind or mounted on the four-wheel tractor, and the tractor may also provide a source of power for mechanized implements. These walking tractor,power tiller implements are widely used in many industries, such as agriculture, forestry, and husbandry.

In modern agriculture industry, walking tractor,power tiller implements, also called agricultural implement, which the farm uses to improve labor force efficiency, is the necessary tool for cultivating farm land. We are a farming implement manufacturer in China. In addition to farm tractor, farm power tiller, and some of tractors for farmers, we also manufacture the anti-skid wheel, farm sprayer, windrower and drill planter.

Save time, effort and professional harvesting of choice! Horsepower, a large amount of feed and high harvesting efficiency; Long, wide track and adaptable; Hydraulic drive, easy to operate; Compact structure, easy maintenance.

Supporting Yamaha gasoline engine; Supporting transplanting hydraulic balance automatic control system, easy operation, reliable control and stable quality planting; Product has four patents, its advanced technology to get national recognition.

Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery, founded in 1952, is an experienced farm tractor manufacturer in China. Due to our continuing efforts to expand out product line, now we are able to provide a wide variety of products, including four-wheel tractors, power tillers, and some walking tractor,power tiller implements etc. Our products have received the ISO and CE certificates, and are well received in many global markets, such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Australia, UK, and more. If you have any queries, please contact us. Thanks!