Power Tiller, Walking Tractor

There are several kinds of tillers, they can be categorized into power tiller and mini tiller. Compact, powerful and most importantly, inexpensive power tiller is a good alternative to four-wheel tractors . We are offering and manufacturing the power tillers in China, and also supplying the walking tillers.

Dongfeng, an agricultural machinery and implement manufacturer in China, has more than 57 years' experience of making agricultural power tillers. Dongfeng power tiller has powerful engine, power, cultivator is mostly used by farmers. The power tiller provided by us is easy to operate and handle, and does not need maintenance cost due to its long lasting performance. It can improve the efficiency of labors, and can make the life of farmers easier. Power tiller is a tractor with a difference, a two wheel tractor with a rotary tiller (is) more commonly known as rotavator. Generally because of two wheels, operator has to walk behind the power tiller to guide the direction of travel for various operations. There are hand clutches to engage and disengage power to the wheels and the rotavator unit. Depending upon the mode of operation, three types of power tillers are there. The power tiller pulls different types of implements. The power tiller uses an engine power driven tilling device.

Our fastest delivery time for power tiller is 15 days, and more details of the power tillers are attached with pictures above. Just click them for more information of Dongfeng power tiller.